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On Tuesday, prosecutors in Sweetwater County, Wyo., charged Alcala with the 1977 killing of Christine Ruth Thornton after discovering a photo that Alcala had snapped of her before her death.The aging photograph was found among Alcala’s possessions by Huntington Beach police, but it was only recently that the dead woman’s sister recognized Thornton among the images.The photo shows a smiling woman in jeans, a yellow blouse and flip-flops sitting atop a Kawasaki 500 motorcycle in a sage-studded desert.“The picture, even if you don’t recognize her, is a distinct part of Wyoming recognizable to anyone from here,” said Dan Erramouspe, the Sweetwater County attorney.

The photo was spotted by Thornton’s relatives in 2013.

Known as the “Dating Game” killer because he appeared on the popular television program decades ago, the former photographer has also been convicted of killing two women in New York.

Investigators believe the 73-year-old is responsible for scores of other deaths.

Offences that cause harm to a person such as assault, murder, sexual offences, etc.

come under personal crimes while robbery, burglary, arson and forgery are categorized as property crimes.

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