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You also get to experience the Japanese train pass system, Japanese Western-style toilets, okonomiyaki, sushi, convenience stores and the shinkansen.The game allows you to explore most of the major stops on the Yamanote line, with a two day trip to Kyoto towards the end and a day trip to either Yokohama or Kamakura, depending on which route you take.Each playthrough gives you three chances to choose where you’d like to go, allowing you to see everything in two neat sessions if you’re careful.

While the game is more tourist-centred than the usual title, Go! After spending the past year or so talking to anonymous Japanese people over the internet, you (the namable protagonist) decide to finally take the plunge and fly to Japan, leaving your accommodation to these same internet strangers. , but you do get some quick self-insert romance with your brief interactive guide to the great and glorious land of Nippon. not-so-recently made it through the Steam Greenlight process, it was inevitable that it would make it onto these visual novel spotlights. incorporates a few VN and dating sim aspects to give it that extra appeal.There’s no furigana though, so this learning aide is better with some kanji knowledge.Of course, it is difficult to know exactly who might access the Nakajima USA website, and for what purposes.Nevertheless, given that Nakajima USA, with Sanrio, Inc., now takes responsibility for much of the branding, including boutique stores, it is safe to assume that the message and general direction of the website pervades most Sanrio merchandising throughout the United States.

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