Mark sanford still dating mistress

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PHOTOS: Celebrity Cheaters Earlier Thursday, An Argentinian website posted a photo of the couple simply walking together, and called it “the first known photo of the two of them together.” The site did not give details of where or when the photos were taken.

As Radar has previously reported, Sanford was embroiled in scandal two years ago when he went AWOL for a several days; while his camp said he was on a hike of the Appalachian Trail, the then-married politician, a father-of-four, later admitted to visiting Chapur, his mistress — a woman he once referred to as his “soul mate”.

Maria Belen Chapur photos emerge just as Jenny Sanford says she's praying for husband's mistress.

New details have emerged about Mark Sanford's mistress and his marriage, most compelling of which may be the latest photos of his mistress Maria Belen Chapur.

This defense is familiar, right down to the “vast conspiracy.” Some object to political wives being used in this way, suggesting they should not have to answer for the sins of their husbands.

But a) they have agency and often ambitions of their own we should not ignore.

Voters look for cues from the wives of politicians to determine whether they should go Old or New Testament on these men.

She says that while she and Mark are not two people madly in love, they were dear friends and very compatible partners.

She reveals that she too would like an exotic affair with someone 5,000 miles away, but considering their family, it's just not "realistic." In a graceful quote Jenny says she's praying for Maria Belen Chapur and thinks she must be a "fine woman," while she does question her judgment., "All I can do is forgive. I have put my heart and soul into being a good mother and wife.

Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday to an extramarital affair with a woman living in Argentina and to lying to South Carolinians to cover up his tryst — then asked everyone, including his family, for forgiveness. Sanford did not respond in the State House rotunda when asked whether he would resign his office.

Republican, a rising GOP star, fought tears during a news conference hours after a reporter from The State newspaper surprised him at the Atlanta airport on his way back from seeing the mother of two during Father’s Day weekend.

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