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Taking this in mind, this music video really goes against what Korean culture has to say about dating, while still maintaining the values of Korean society as a whole.Koreans are very work focused, and believe that the only way to be successful is to work hard.Is this music video a fantasy of what we would really LIKE to do, but we will never do because we would shame ourselves?Does it mean that there is no real ‘gentleman’ on the South Korean dating scene?Is Psy once again poking fun at pretentious behaviors of the young and rich? We will attempt to decode the allusions and jokes you might be missing. Psy sits drinking coffee with three older ‘gentlemen’ while a woman dances in the background.

It’s a very middle school/high school style manga and I mostly read it still because I have fond memories from reading it back then.

I'm moving to St Petersburg in the new year and as I was researching I came across Happier Abroad, and I couldn't agree more with the overall message.

I'm a 32-year old Canadian guy and I am actually fairly attractive (so much for modesty) and educated and so on. I don't let people walk all over me but I'm not about to go out and hurt others, either.

Although the scene is set outside, we think this could be bringing to light the 다방 Dabang / 룸사롱 Room Salon commercialized sex industry.

Psy pushes a coffee cup into the face of his date.

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