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Do you want to resolve and avoid conflicts with your family, co-workers, or friends?

And that was okay for a while when all they could afford was canned beer—they were on the same page, working together to make it and to do the best with what they had," a source told magazine.

We all have our own personal moral and religious views on the subject, but for the purpose of this article we’re going to be mainly focusing on what scientific research, studies, and surveys have discovered about the link between pornography and marriage.

So, why is there so much confusion about pornography?

" — a text you probably got, like, four times this morning already. If someone does one thing to piss you off, that's it, they're canceled. How You'll Meet Your Soul Mate: They've been in love with you forever, and one night, you stay up late having an extremely tight and incredibly woke conversation, and it hits you that this is probably your soul mate (at least till they double-text you and piss you off).

You're a deeply caring partner, loyal as heck, and supportive to the ends of the Earth, but you don't have any time for scrubs.

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